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Hesma the Author
Hesma author of the book ​​
Natural Disaster Evacuation gives readers safety communication skills to get you, and your family to a safe place during a natural disaster and how to recover. 
This book contains 17 years of experience in training healthcare and disabilty audience safety. Hesma is also a survivor of Hurricane Harvey. A must Read. Great Presentations 
Hesma Stephens is healthcare & disabiility  business manager, who helps clients get more patients and clients for private sector, who have the message of HOPE.

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GREAT NEWS!! We offer online consulting.
Online Consulting

Problems to Profit
Your problems have value. Let me help you turn it into a profit.
Audience: Doctors, Dentist healthcare enterprenuers

Its Not Over
Great for business owners stuck in the middle of growing or closing.

Audience: Doctors, Dentist, Therapist business owners, who need a business continutiy plan.

Just Call it a Come Back
Before you close your business doors come to this workshop to audit, anaylze and plan your next steps.
Audience: Doctors, Nurses, Therapist Associations